The Importance of Digitals in the Modeling Industry

In the fast-paced world of modeling, where first impressions can make or sometimes break a career, the significance of polaroid photos, or digitals, cannot be underestimated. These unedited photos serve as a crucial tool for models seeking representation, established models, and modeling agencies as well as clients seeking talents. Here’s why Polaroids are essential at every stage of a model’s journey:

  1. Authentic Representation: Polaroids provide a glimpse into the model’s natural appearance, whether captured by a professional photographer or self-shot. With minimal makeup and simple attire—such as jeans and a tank top—models can showcase their true features and silhouette. It’s essential to ensure each Polaroid includes both portrait and full-body shots, allowing agencies and clients to assess the versatility of the model.
  2. Versatile Assessment Tool: For aspiring models seeking representation, Polaroids serve as their initial introduction to agencies. These photos allow agents to evaluate a model’s raw potential. By showcasing various angles, expressions, and body poses, digitals help agents gauge the model’s adaptability and marketability. Remember, simplicity does not mean sacrificing personality ( 😉 ); it’s about authentically expressing yourself in front of the camera.
  3. Transparency and Trust: Regularly updated digitals demonstrate transparency and professionalism, reinforcing trust between models, agencies, and clients. Models should ensure their digitals reflect any changes in their physical appearance, such as tattoos, piercings, or hairstyle changes. 
  4. Efficient Casting Process: Digitals streamline the casting process for clients and agencies, offering a realistic preview of how the model will appear on camera. In addition to photos, models may choose to create videos to further showcase their personality. While digitals may include lingerie, swimwear, or even in few occasions topless shots, models should never be pressured to pose nude and this will never be asked by any serious counterparty at all times.


Photographer’s Tips: When preparing for digitals photoshoots, models should focus on enhancing their natural beauty with minimal makeup, such as BB cream, and ensure they are well-rested and hydrated beforehand. Embrace simple poses that showcase your personality and versatility, while allowing your true self to shine through. 

Thank you, Edouige ÉLATRÉ, for sharing your experience!





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