Anastasiia Suprunenko

  • Height: 167
  • Bust: 94
  • Waist: 70
  • Hips: 99
  • Shoes: 39
  • Hair: Blond
  • Eyes: Blue,Grey

Anastasiia Suprunenko Bio

Meet Anastasiia. Ukrainian model, 22, thriving in Munich's marketing scene. Enchants with Dan Brown novels and movies like "The Menu." Off-duty, an adventurer - skiing, driving, painting. Dreams of Asian photoshoots. Style shifts with mood, inspired by Sonia Lyson. Energy is her forte, lighting up spaces.
Passionate about cars, eyes "Gooseberry" for meaningful fashion ventures. She aims to be a catalyst for change across genres, painting a brighter world.

Anastasiia Suprunenko In The News

28 Aug 2023

Can you tell us a little about yourself? Can you share a unique or interesting aspect about yourself that people may not know? I am 22 years old and I’m from Ukraine. Currently, I’m working in Munich in the field of Marketing. I believe that a person’s reading preferences and movie choices can provide insight...