Casting Make Up

When attending castings or go-sees, models should aim for a simple and natural makeup look. This approach is crucial to present a clean canvas, allowing casting directors or clients to assess the model’s suitability for a particular project. Here’s a makeup guideline for models attending castings:

  1. Skin:
    • Start with clean and well-moisturized skin.
    • Apply a light, natural-looking foundation or tinted moisturizer for an even skin tone.
    • Conceal any imperfections with a gentle touch.
    • Avoid heavy contouring to maintain a soft and natural appearance.
  2. Eyes:
    • Use a neutral eyeshadow that subtly enhances the eyes without being too conspicuous.
    • Mascara should be understated but should enhance the lashes without clumping.
    • If eyeliner is used, keep it subtle, and consider brown or gray shades over black.
    • Ensure well-groomed eyebrows without overly dramatic shaping.
  3. Lips:
    • Opt for a nude or soft pink lip color that appears natural.
    • Steer clear of bold, vibrant lip colors, heavy gloss, or dark lip liners.
  4. Cheeks:
    • Apply a natural blush to provide a touch of color to the cheeks.
    • Keep the blush subtle to achieve a healthy, radiant look.
  5. Setting:
    • Use a light-setting powder to reduce shine and ensure the makeup’s longevity.
    • Ensure that the makeup appears fresh and matte without excessive powdering.
  6. Nails:
    • Maintain clean and well-manicured nails, and choose natural or nude nail colors for a classic look.

It’s important to bear in mind that the objective is to appear as if you’re wearing minimal makeup. Casting directors are interested in seeing a model’s natural beauty and features. Additionally, following any specific instructions or guidelines provided by the casting agency or client is essential, as these may vary depending on the type of project and brand.

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