What is a catwalk?

A catwalk, sometimes called a runway, is a narrow and elongated platform, resembling a bridge, often used as a prominent stage for models to showcase clothing during modern fashion events. In British and American English, the term “catwalk” can also describe similar structures used in contexts outside of fashion, such as narrow walkways between buildings or railroad cars.

The role of the catwalk in modeling

Catwalks have become integral to the fashion and modeling industries for several reasons:

  1. Unveiling New Styles: Designers utilize catwalk modeling as a platform to introduce their latest fashion creations. Collaborating with models enables them to set trends and initiate new fashion movements right on the runway.
  2. Displaying Clothes in Motion: When you view clothing on a hanger or in advertisements, it can be challenging to envision how it will appear when you wear it while walking. As models strut down these narrow runways, they provide the audience with a dynamic view of how the garments look in motion. Catwalk modeling offers valuable insight into the practical aspects of wearing the clothing.
  3. Highlighting Key Features: By watching catwalk shows online, it becomes evident that these platforms enable spectators to focus on specific elements of clothing at different times. Models strategically pause and pose at various points along the runway, allowing viewers to observe each ensemble from every possible angle. This spotlighting of details enhances the appreciation and understanding of the designs.

On Tour Events Explains to How to Design a Catwalk Stage & What Audio Visual Equipment Is Needed


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