Hop in into Kendall Jenner world

Interviewer: Good afternoon, Kendall! Thank you for taking the time to chat with us today. Let’s dive right in. You’ve had quite a journey in the spotlight, transitioning from modeling to various other ventures. How has your career evolved over the years, and what have been some of the highlights for you? Kendall Jenner: Hi…

Introducing Oleksandra Posukhovska

Can you tell us a little about yourself? Can you share a unique or interesting aspect about yourself that people may not know? I’m Ukrainian, and when the war began, my life was completely changed. Nowadays, I really appreciate every moment. People always tell me that I can notice things that other people don’t notice….

Introducing Anna Bilyk

We are excited to introduce you to Anna. Despite her young age, 18-year-old Anna is already gaining experience as a model. She is creative, optimistic and confident that she will fulfil her dream of working as a professional model. Let’s find out more about her, her experience and what inspires her. ¬†Thank you for joining…