Valentin Taminiau

Valentin Taminiau Bio

Valentin Taminiau is a Belgian photographer and video artist. For over 10 years, he has been fascinated by nude photography. He plays with shapes, lines, colors and light. In nude photography, he finds a form of expression that suits him, in which he brings to life moods and experiences that are difficult to express in words. His photographs are often staged, inspired by places, situations and atmospheres, but they are also impulsive. His priority is never spectacle or provocation. On the contrary: he always strives for harmony between the models and the atmosphere in which he immortalizes them. He leaves the models as much freedom as possible and necessary: the body is always at the heart of the picture he composes, and is also a force to be reckoned with in his poses.His shooting techniques are varied. He juggles between digital, argentic and Polaroid. His latest series are a reinterpretation of his digital photographs using the cyanotype technique.Valentin Taminiau has been published internationally in numerous magazines and has already held several exhibitions in Belgium.In 2021, he received a distinction in the "Body Parts" category at the Photoshoot Awards in Montreal, Canada.