Pedro Thomaz

Pedro Thomaz Bio

Pro-photographer since 2006.
Worked with several models for several different projects. Fashion, magazines, portraits and even social networks.
My passion, aside from from my work with models/people is automotive photography, where I have worked with several brands from Mercedes, Porsche to Aston Martin and BMW.

I’ve had my work published in several magazines and sell my prints and digital downloads to all around the world, which makes me personally very proud of my work.
I always chase quality in my work and not numbers in social networks. More of a photographer, less of a marketeer. 

My work consists mainly of shooting cars and people but I like to experiment in other areas to gain more experience and grow overall as a photographer. 
I see myself has a multidisciplinary photographer as I have developed several areas of my photography.

I’m always looking forward to working with more and different people in new and creative projects so I can expand and grow.
But I do like to do the simple projects like a a simple portrait for LinkedIn to big creative commercial projects.

Just get in touch with me from any of my social networks above.