Gilberto Figueiredo

Gilberto Figueiredo Bio

I'm Gilberto Figueiredo, i was born in 1977 in Porto, Portugal.

Photography was a decision made early, still in college school. Pursuing this motivation, completed the photography course at Cooperativa Artística Árvore in 1999 and after that attended specific training sessions in various areas of photography and digital printing.
Since 2001, i work with photography, editing and digital printing. I specialized in studio photography and image editing in the areas of: product, fashion, editorial, interiors, decoration…
Photographer and retouching expert at professional photography studios in areas such as:
still, fashion, home, editorial, advertising, catalog and e-commerce.
Studio operations manager at e-commerce sales companies since 2011 for both B2B and
B2C platforms within clothing, accessories and consumer goods companies. Main roles
played in supervising, photographing and editing images for e-Commerce platforms. Project
manager for e-commerce dedicated photography studios. Team managing, scouting and
coordination on sub-contracted photographers.
Vast experience in mass producing imagery for e-commerce sales based companies. I love
a good challenge, the right motivation to go further and aim for bigger goals. My knowledge
and experience are an excellent asset to all the companies who wish to grow, improve and
deliver the best results for their clients.