Dominik Kazancev

Dominik Kazancev Bio

My name is Dominik, but always go by Domsilkbaby.

I’m a portrait & fashion photographer but also can catch me somewhere in the world taking photos of everyday life that happens around me. Slovakian background but been lucky enough to grow up in United Kingdom where I have started my career as a working photographer.

I take great care when it comes to my photographic process whether it’s in the studio, location, street photography or taking landscapes. Film is my go to medium. Why? Just love the process that surrounds it. You will often see me either using my Mamiya RZ67, Rolleiflex T, Leica M4 or Shen-Hao 5x4.

(Yes I do own a digital camera)

I am always looking to work with new people wether its simple portraits or big commerical projects just get in contact with me down below.