Daryna Skakun

  • Height: 167
  • Bust: 86
  • Waist: 68
  • Hips: 95
  • Shoes: 39
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Green,Grey

Daryna Skakun Bio

My name’s Daryna , but i consider myself more like Dorofeya. i am 18 , but i am not a student anymore. i am from Ukraine , but freely speak either in ukrainian or in english. I am a model , but actually self-tought, because I am not too attracted to a certain extent by the side of the modeling industry, which is meaningless at times, or modeling business, which is just a business and nothing more. therefore, especially now, moving consciously, I would like to show it from the other side, to show modeling that is part of art, without standard limitations and parameters. I am also a content manager , content - creator and an art director of my own brand. i am obsessed with fashion in general.
i am really into traveling and discovering different countries. I've been eating mostly whole foods for almost 3 years now , so do not eat fast food , white sugar and gluten products.

Daryna Skakun In The News

8 Mar 2024

Can you tell us a little about yourself? Can you share a unique or interesting aspect about yourself that people may not know? I have been meditating and doing yoga since my sixteen and last but not least – i do write poems from time to time – because these are sort of things which...