Introducing Marina Krichevskaya

  • What made you decide to be a model?

I have always been fond of beautiful pictures and loved to look at photos of beautiful girls. When I moved to Vienna, many photographers began to write to me with proposals for a photo shoot, and my career as a model began.

  • What brands would you like to work with?

Of course, like any model, I would like to work with big brands, but in general, I love this work for the process itself and the result (beautiful photos/videos) for me it does not play a big role, in what kind of brand it is.

  • Who is your favorite model?

Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. I like how they look and their work, I also like how they behave and present on social networks. Also, I like Asya Rosh, I like how she looks and how she thinks and talks about modeling

  • Who is your favorite fashion designer?

Giorgio Armani and Calvin Richard Klein.