The casting process to join Bmodel

1 One of our agents is reviewing your social media profile.

Our team of two dedicated agents scours social media every day to discover the next big name in modeling. While Instagram is our primary focus, we also explore other social media platforms.

Share your best photos, and we'll be on the lookout for you!

2 We're reaching out to suggest that you work with us.

Once you've been scouted, your profile will be added to a list alongside other applicants. From this list, we carefully select the strongest profiles and reach out to them via in-app messaging.

3 If you're interested, we arrange a 30-minute video conference session with our team.

To begin the application process with our agency, you'll need to participate in a 30-minute live session with one of our team members. During this session, we'll verify your identity first and foremost, and also assess your fluency in English, Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Spanish, or French – the languages common to our organization.

We recommend having a good command of spoken English for the best results.

4 You sign the contract

Once you've signed the contract, we'll begin promoting you as a model.

5 You do your first professional shooting

If you already have professional photos, we'll use them to get started.

If you don't have professional photos, we will find a fashion photographer for you in your city and pay the session for you.